A Walk to Avenue of Stars Hong Kong and Back

        The fourth and last day of our trip came and it was time to bid Hong Kong goodbye. But before that, we first did a teeny tiny bit of shopping along Nathan Road, went on a walk at the Avenue of Stars and ate some Chinese food at Din Tai Fung.

          Even while on vacation, Rupert couldn’t get away from his job, so he spent a good part of the morning getting some work done. I used the time to pack all our things and to serve breakfast (cup noodles that I brought from Manila). By 10:30 am, we checked out of our room at Golden Crown Guesthouse (latest check-out time is 11:59 am). The receptionist kindly allowed us to leave our luggages at the reception area for safekeeping.

         The first thing we did after getting out of the guesthouse was to buy some perfumes from Bonjour right beside Golden Crown. This took a while because Han and I had a hard time choosing which ones not to buy. There were lots of brands that we wanted to buy but, of course, we had a budget to stick to.

         In the end, I bought a small 5 mL bottle of Bvlgari Man (HKD 48), two small bottles of Clinique Happy (HKD 35 each), a 5 mL bottle of Versace Pour Homme (HKD 35) and a 4.5 mL bottle of Avant Garde Lanvin (HKD 39). I also bought 3 sampler packs (HKD 30/pack) each containing a 2 mL sample of Jour d’Hermes, a 1.5 mL sample of eau de Cartier, a small sample of Isabella Ports and a 1.2 mL sample of Rock Me! Anna Sui. All these for only HKD 282 (PHP 1,600+).

perfume from Hong Kong

This 5 mL Bvlgari Man (HKD 48) and this small Clinique Happy (HKD35) are some of the perfumes I bought from Bonjour.

           From Bonjour, we continued walking along Nathan Road toward Avenue of Stars. We checked out the stores inside Mirador Mansions and Chungking Mansions. Somewhere along Nathan Road, we bought some Hong Kong souvenirs. I bought a small ref magnet for HKD 10.

          We continued walking until we reached Sheraton Hong Kong at the end of Nathan Road. Then, we crossed to the other side of Nathan Road before crossing Salisbury Road. From Salisbury Road, we continued walking toward Avenue of Stars until we saw this sign:

avenue of stars sign

A few steps later, we reached this:

avenue of stars hong kong

We took a few pictures. Then, we turned left to explore the rest of Avenue of Stars.

avenue of stars hong kong 2

We look the same in every picture because we only brought 1 winter jacket each. Haha. We changed our inner clothes everyday, of course.

avenue of stars hong kong 1

We loved the cold breeze and the nice view.


           Avenue of Stars is a tribute to outstanding members of Hong Kong’s film industry. Among the famous celebrities with stars to their name are Bruce Lee, Jet Li and Jackie Chan. The late Bruce Lee, considered Asia’s first superstar, is honored with a bronze statue. Avenue of Stars is located at Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade along Victoria Harbour waterfront. No admission fee required.

avenue of stars hong kong 3

avenue of stars hong kong 4

avenue of stars hong kong 5

We smelled a mouthwatering aroma and wondered where it was coming from. As it turned out, it came from this store selling squid for HKD 30 each. We bought 1 for Rupert, 1 for Han and 1 for me.

avenue of stars hong kong 6

The star dedicated to the late Asian superstar, Bruce Lee

avenue of stars hong kong 7

Jackie Chan’s star

avenue of stars hong kong 8

This one is for Jet Li.

avenue of stars hong kong 9

This one has Jet Li’s handprint. This is like, according to Han, holding hands with a star.

avenue of stars hong kong 10

Finally, we reached Bruce Lee’s bronze statue.

avenue of stars hong kong 11

This is us doing a selfie and catching Han doing a selfie. 🙂

avenue of stars hong kong 12

The three of us in a “proper” selfie with Bruce Lee.

avenue of stars hong kong 13

Zuri insisted on having her picture taken with this blue bear. It was 12 degrees Celsius and very chilly especially along windy Victoria Harbour. In this picture, Zuri’s wearing 4 layers of clothing, including 2 winter jackets one on top of another. However, we saw a Caucasian lady wearing only a short sleeveless dress with a pair of ballet flats. 🙂

avenue of stars hong kong 14

More photo opportunities at Avenue of Stars

avenue of stars hong kong 15

More photo opportunities at Avenue of Stars

After exploring Avenue of Stars, we walked back to where we came from:

avenue of stars hong kong

We walked back to this statue.

Then, we continued walking till we reached the Clock Tower.

avenue of stars hong kong 16

Rupert and Zuri walking from Avenue of Stars to Clock Tower. By this time, Zuri was not feeling too cold anymore and agreed to wear just one winter jacket. She also wanted her Dad to carry her while I pushed her stroller.

clock tower hong kong

This is the Clock Tower also known as Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower or Former Kowloon-Canton Railway Clock Tower. This Clock Tower is the only remaining structure of the former Kowloon Station of the Kowloon-Canton Railway.

clock tower hong kong 1

Rupert and Zuri walking toward the Clock Tower.


             We walked some more until we reached Star Ferry Terminal/Pier.  We saw a store selling egg tarts and milk tea. We bought 1 egg tart (HKD 7) and 1 iced milk tea (HKD 28). Zuri liked the egg tart, so she asked me to buy another one. Han bought an egg tart and a Matcha Latte.

hong kong egg tart

I found this Hong Kong egg tart yummy enough but Han, who tried both this and Macau’s Portuguese egg tarts, says that Macau’s egg tarts are way yummier.

              From Star Ferry Terminal, we continued walking to Canton Road until we reached Silvercord Mall. We had late lunch at Din Tai Fung Silvercord.

din tai fung hong kong

din tai fung hong kong 1

our lunch at Din Tai Fung Silvercord

din tai fung hong kong 2

our lunch at Din Tai Fung Silvercord


            After our lunch, we walked back to Golden Crown Guesthouse via Haiphong Road to retrieve our luggages. Then, we boarded an A21 bus to Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1. There’s an A21 bus stop right in front of Golden Crown. Travel time was about an hour. Fare: HKD 33/adult, HKD 16.5/child using On-Loan Octopus Cards.

             At the airport, we returned our On-Loan Octopus Cards at a designated booth at the Arrivals Hall. We got a refund for the unused value of the Octopus Cards (minus processing fee). While waiting for boarding time, Zuri bought a Disneyland souvenir toy and Rupert bought some snacks from Starbucks.

hong kong international airport

This set was bought from the Disneyland store at the airport. It contains 5 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters, namely Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto. HKD 158.

hong kong international airport 1

Here is Zuri with her free Babyccino from Starbucks (warm milk with froth).

hong kong international airport 2

Here is Zuri waiting in line to board the plane.


             The queue at the Taxi lane was discouragingly long when we arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. Good thing we were able to get a ride through GrabTaxi.  We enjoyed Hong Kong and Macau, but truly, there’s no place like home. We ordered a bucket of crispylicious, juicylicious Jollibee Chickenjoy for midnight snacks.

I hope you enjoyed my Hong Kong – Macau Series. Thanks for reading! 🙂

Some maps for your reference:

golden crown to avenue of stars map.jpg

To get to Avenue of Stars from Golden Crown Guesthouse, walk along Nathan Road until you reach Salisbury Road. Cross to the other side of Nathan Road. Cross Salisbury Road. Continue walking forward until you reach Avenue of Stars. For future reference, notice Star Ferry Pier and Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower on the lower left portion of the map. Notice also Canton Road, Silvercord and Haiphong Road on the upper left portion of the map.

avenue of stars to star ferry pier map.jpg

To get to the Clock Tower and Star Ferry Terminal from Avenue of Stars, just walk along the waterfront.

star ferry pier to silvercord canton road map.jpg

To get to Silvercord from Star Ferry Terminal, turn left to Canton Road.

silvercord to golden crown map.jpg

To get to Golden Crown Guesthouse from Silvercord, turn right to Haiphong Road. Continue walking until you reach Nathan Road.




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