Ark Avilon Zoo Pasig

          Right beside Fun Ranch Ortigas is Ark Avilon Zoo at Frontera Verde, Pasig City. We visited Ark Avilon Zoo last year for Father’s Day after buying discounted tickets online from Metrodeal. It was Zuri’s most unforgettable zoo experience to date.

Ark Avilon Zoo facade

          Ark Avilon Zoo is a small indoor interactive zoo.  Because it is small, Ark Avilon Zoo can only house a very limited number of animals. However, Ark Avilon makes up for this by providing hands-on experience to its guests through animal feeding, petting and picture taking activities  available rain or shine.

          Ark Avilon Zoo is hard to miss because its very conspicuous structure is inspired by Noah’s Ark. Upon entering, we found ourselves at Pet-tissimo, a pet shop run by Ark Avilon Zoo. The ticketing booth and the souvenir shop are also here. After redeeming our tickets by presenting our Metrodeal vouchers at the ticketing booth, we proceeded to the animal exhibits.

          On the first floor, we saw a jackal, a white tiger, a puma, a jaguar, a tortoise, penguins and crocodiles.  Also available for picture taking at PHP 50 each during our visit were the following: Jenny the Orangutan, Jack the Bearcat, Puti the Sea Eagle, Tyson the Burmese Python and Nardo the Cockatoo. Fish feeding was also available. Animal encounters at Ark Avilon take place under the supervision of a zoo staff.

Ark Avilon Zoo tortoise

Tortoise at Ark Avilon Zoo. I was not able to take pictures of the other animals on the first floor because Zuri was in a hurry to see the rabbits/bunnies on the second floor.

          Zuri did not show particular interest in any of the activities offered on the first floor except when she dared me to touch the Burmese Python (which I did!). After briefly roaming around the first floor, we proceeded to the second floor. On the second floor, we saw birds and snakes. Then, we came to the most awaited part – the animal petting and feeding area.

         At the petting and feeding area, we saw rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, pigs, a donkey and a pony. We bought one carrot on a stick for PHP 40. Although Zuri was excited to see the rabbits, she was hesitant to feed them at first and she needed her Daddy Rupert’s help.

Ark Avilon zoo rabbit feeding

Here’s Zuri watching Daddy Rupert feed the rabbits from what she felt was a safe distance.

Ark Avilon Zoo rabbit feeding 2

Here’s Zuri finally approaching the rabbits but still refusing to hold the carrot stick.


          Zuri was soon reassured that it was safe to feed the rabbits and she began to enjoy herself. After the first one, Zuri asked me to buy two more carrots, one for the rabbits again and the other one for the guinea pigs, and she fed them all by herself.

Ark Avilon Zoo animal feeding

Following Daddy Rupert’s example, here’s Zuri feeding the rabbits all by herself.

Ark Avilon Zoo animal feeding rabbits

Zuri found out for herself that feeding the animals was fun, so she asked me to buy a second and a third carrot for the rabbits and the guinea pigs.

Ark Avilon Zoo guinea pig feeding

Here’s Zuri feeding the hungry guinea pigs.



          Then, Zuri saw a very small feeding bottle with milk for goat feeding. She found it really cute and asked me to buy one. I paid PHP 40. Again, Zuri needed help from Daddy Rupert to accomplish this task. The two of them fed the very excited goats together – a perfect father-and-daughter moment on Father’s Day.

Ark Avilon Zoo goat feeding 1

This baby goat/kid was first in line.

Ark Avilon Zoo goat feeding 4

Zuri needed Daddy Rupert’s guidance to feed this baby goat.

Ark Avilon Zoo goat feeding 3

The eager goats couldn’t wait for their turn!




          Because, both Daddy Rupert and Zuri had fun feeding the goats and the goats clearly wanted more, I bought a second bottle of milk. Again, the very eager goats finished this in no time at all while Zuri looked on.

Ark Avilon Zoo goat feeding 2

Goat feeding was an amazing experience for Zuri.

          After this, we bought a bunch of kangkong (water spinach) for PHP 40. We fed the pony and the donkey.

Ark Avilon Zoo animal feeding 2

Ark Avilon Zoo animal feeding 3

          Then, we bought a second bunch of kangkong and gave it to the goats. Feeding the goats was so much fun because they were hyperactive and the most excited and eager of all.

Ark Avilon Zoo goat feeding

This goat was very eager to eat kangkong that it was able to escape from the corral giving Zuri quite a bit of a shock. 🙂

          We ended our visit by washing our hands and walking to Ark Avilon’s next-door neighbor Fun Ranch for some kiddie rides.

Ark Avilon Zoo Entrance Fee:

Regular Entrance rate is Php 400.00.

Below 3.0 feet is Php 300.00.

20% discount for Senior Citizen and PWD (with Senior Citizen ID card and PWD ID card)

Babies 12 months and below are free of charge.

Opening Hours:

Open daily, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Note: Bringing in of food is allowed but requires a corkage fee of PHP 25/person. There is a store inside the zoo that sells snacks and drinks. We bought our tickets from Metrodeal for PHP 200/head. Metrodeal still offers this deal every now and then.


Frontera Verde, Ortigas Avenue corner C-5, Pasig City, Philippines

Ark Avilon Zoo location map.jpg

Contact information:

(+632) 706 2992

(+632) 706 2993 (Fax)

For more information, visit

          Continue your kids’ learning experience even after the school year is over with a visit to Ark Avilon Zoo. I’m sure they will enjoy it, too. My 3-year-old daughter Zuri still talks about her Ark Avilon Zoo visit until now. Cap off your day with a visit to nearby Fun Ranch and Tiendesitas. 🙂

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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