Harvest Hotel’s Cafe Ecija Review

Oct. 8, 2016

There are many good restaurants in Cabanatuan City, but since we were staying at Harvest Hotel for my birthday, I thought it most convenient to just have my birthday dinner there. Having the highest star rating among all hotels in Cabanatuan City, I was also quite curious about the food that the hotel offers at their restaurant called Cafe Ecija.

Cafe Ecija is located on the ground floor of Harvest Hotel, between the lobby and the pool.

Cafe Ecija at harvest Hotel, Cabanatuan City

Cafe Ecija at Harvest Hotel, Cabanatuan City

Cafe Ecija, where I had my birthday dinner and also where buffet breakfast is served.

Cafe Ecija, where I had my birthday dinner with family and also where buffet breakfast is served.

Cafe Ecija is tastefully decorated, has soft, comfortable seats and is kept impeccably clean. On Saturdays and Sundays, Cafe Ecija offers family meal combos for as low as PHP 1,499. We ordered Menu 3 (PHP 2,999, good for 7-8 persons).



While waiting for Menu 3, we were served with complimentary bread and butter. The bread was soft and went well with the butter. Calmed my hungry tummy down while waiting for the rest of our meal to arrive.

#Harvestfambam feast Menu 3 Complimentary Bread and Butter

#Harvestfambam feast Menu 3 Complimentary Bread and Butter.

HarvestFamBam Feast Menu 3 (PHP 2,999 good for 7-8 persons): Almondigas Soup, Beef Pochero, Pininyahang Manok, Crispy Pata/Patatim, Halabos na Hipon, Pinakbet Ilocano, Pancit Canton/Bihon, Steamed Rice, Fruit Platter

Rupert and my mom, who both prefer to have soup every time they eat, liked Cafe Ecija’s Almondigas Soup.  I’m not a soup person. I thought it was just okay, maybe a bit bland.

#Harvestfambam feast Menu 3 Almondigas Soup

#Harvestfambam feast Menu 3 Almondigas Soup.

Beef Pochero is one of Cafe Ecija’s specialties. And oh did I love it! The beef was so tender and tasty. I personally think the Beef Pochero was the best dish we had that night.

#Harvestfambam feast Menu 3 Beef Pochero

#Harvestfambam feast Menu 3 Beef Pochero.

The Pininyahang Manok was just okay for me, though, this was the only dish that my picky Zuri ate. For that alone, I was thankful for this dish.

#Harvestfambam feast Menu 3 Pininyahang Manok

#Harvestfambam feast Menu 3 Pininyahang Manok.

The Crispy Pata was the last to arrive (we were almost done eating actually) because it was the “star of the show” according to our waiter. I was not impressed by the Crispy Pata because the meat tasted a bit dry. I like my Crispy Pata meat juicy and my Crispy Pata skin extra crispy just like how my Dad does it! 🙂 I was also pretty full already when it arrived so there was no more “gutom” factor. I probably would have appreciated the Crispy Pata more had I eaten it when I was still hungry.

#Harvestfambam feast Menu 3 Crispy Pata

#Harvestfambam feast Menu 3 Crispy Pata.

I did not realize it then but Menu 3 was supposed to include Halabos na Hipon (check the photo of the Menu above). But instead of Halabos na Hipon, we were served with Grilled Fish. Had I noticed that this dish was supposed to be shrimp not fish, I would have complained, because shrimp is Zuri’s favorite food. Anyway, the grilled fish tasted okay.

#Harvestfambamfeast Menu 3 Grilled Fish instead of Halabos na Hipon

#Harvestfambamfeast Menu 3 Grilled Fish instead of Halabos na Hipon

I loved Cafe Ecija’s Pinakbet Ilocano.  Although I like pinakbet, I don’t usually cook it at home, so I really miss it. Cafe Ecija’s version, in my opinion, was done perfectly. (Hm, come to think of it, maybe I should have asked my Ilocano husband’s opinion.)

#Harvestfambam feast Menu 3 Pinakbet Ilokano (with bagnet)

#Harvestfambam feast Menu 3 Pinakbet Ilocano (with bagnet)

The Pancit Canton was also just okay.

#Harvestfambam feast Menu 3 Pancit Canton

#Harvestfambam feast Menu 3 Pancit Canton

Steamed rice, fresh watermelon and pineapple slices were also served.

Menu 3 is supposed to be good for 7-8 persons. We were 8 adults and 1 kid (my aunt later arrived to join us), but we still had leftover. I think Menu 3 can actually feed 9-10 persons.

Another plus point: the waiter assigned to us was alert and jolly. He took lots of photos for us, too. 🙂

I realize now as I’m writing this that I actually did not find most of the dishes to be exemplary. In fact, all except for the Beef Pochero and Bagnet Ilocano were just okay for me. But I know that I enjoyed my birthday dinner. Perhaps the Beef Pochero and the Pinakbet Ilocano really just stood out. But overall, I’d say I was satisfied enough with our meal that I’m actually thinking of coming back to Cafe Ecija when the next opportunity comes.  Cafe Ecija also offers buffet dinner on Thursdays (PHP499) and Fridays (PHP 599). We’ll try this next time. 🙂


My family at Cafe Ecija, Harvest Hotel, Cabanatuan City


With my husband Rupert

And my baby Zuri

And my baby Zuri

Cafe Ecija Menu


Harvest Hotel’s Cafe Ecija Filipino Dishes: Salad and Appetizer, Vegetables, Soup, Rice and Noodles



Harvest Hotel’s Cafe Ecija Filipino Dishes: Main Course



Harvest Hotel’s Cafe Ecija International Dishes: Salad and Appetizer, Soup



Harvest Hotel’s Cafe Ecija International Dishes: Meat



Harvest Hotel’s Cafe Ecija International Dishes: Fish Selection, Pasta and Rice, Vegetarian, From The Grill



Harvest Hotel’s Cafe Ecija International Dishes: Sandwiches and Burgers



Harvest Hotel’s Cafe Ecija International Dishes: Pizza, Quick and Easy



Harvest Hotel’s Cafe Ecija International Dishes: Dessert



Harvest Hotel’s Cafe Ecija Drinks List



Harvest Hotel’s Cafe Ecija Drinks List


Harvest Hotel Location, Contact Numbers, Email Address and Website:


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