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          Aside from Ark Avilon Zoo, another kid-friendly zoo in Metro Manila that allows an up close and personal encounter with its animals is Kinder Zoo. It has been two years since our last visit and I’m thinking of going back there one of these days. Anyway, below is our experience at Kinder Zoo two years ago. Read on! 🙂

         The first thing we did at Kinder Zoo was to touch, carry and take pictures with the crocodile and the snake. I was a bit scared of the crocodile and the snake so I didn’t dare carry them. I let Daddy Rupert take on this task. I was very careful, though, not to let Zuri notice that I was afraid. 🙂

Kinder Zoo Manila Zoo crocodile

Is it too obvious that I don’t like this crocodile? Kudos to Daddy Rupert for being brave. And to Zuri, too. 🙂

          Zuri seemed very curious about the snake. She was probably wondering what Daddy Rupert was doing with it.

Kinder Zoo Manila Zoo snake

I was more afraid of this snake than the crocodile and I just couldn’t make myself sit beside it! Daddy Rupert seemed to enjoy the experience, though. And Zuri had her eyes fixed on the moving animal.


          Next, we met a celebrity – this cute pot-bellied pig named Boji. Boji was a model for a brand of watch back in 2007. At first, I thought Boji was just a statue because it was so still. Maybe, keeping still was part of Boji’s modeling training. 🙂

Kinder Zoo Manila Zoo pot-bellied pig

Here is Daddy Rupert with Boji, the celebrity pot-bellied pig.

Kinder Zoo Manila Zoo potbellied pig

I thought Piglet is pink? Boji pretends to be Piglet and spends time with Winnie and Tigger.

Kinder Zoo Manila Zoo pot-bellied pig 1


          After spending some time with Boji, we saw this charming monkey. It was wearing a diaper. So cute! I carried the monkey in one arm while I carried Zuri in the other. It was like carrying two babies at the same time.

Kinder Zoo Manila Zoo monkey

Zuri gamely accommodated the monkey, albeit cautiously. Haha. See how she leans away from it in this picture?

We continued walking around Kinder Zoo until we saw the winged ones.

Kinder Zoo Manila Zoo bird

Kinder Zoo Manila Zoo birds

Kinder Zoo Manila Zoo animal.jog


         Then, we saw this gorgeous horse. We would come back to this one later for horseback riding.

Kinder Zoo Manila Zoo horse


Then, we saw this tortoise on the ground.

Kinder Zoo Manila Zoo tortoise


          There is a hanging bridge inside Kinder Zoo. After seeing all the animals, we proceeded to the hanging bridge and crossed it. Crossing the hanging bridge did not feel unsafe at all. It was fun.

Kinder Zoo Manila Zoo hanging bridge

Behind us is the hanging bridge.

Kinder Zoo Manila Zoo hanging bridge 1

Daddy Rupert, Zuri and me at the hanging bridge.


           There is also a swimming pool inside Kinder Zoo. Zuri loves swimming! So, though I was not prepared and did not bring swimsuits, I let Zuri take a dip in the pool. Good thing I always bring extra clothes for Zuri everywhere we go.

Kinder Zoo Manila Zoo swimming pool

Surprise swimming at Kinder Zoo.

           After swimming, we tried horseback riding. However, one-year-old Zuri wasn’t a fan yet of horseback riding back then. She got anxious and asked to be taken down and away from the horse after only a short while.

Kinder Zoo Manila Zoo horse 2

One-year-old Zuri was not ready yet for horseback riding. Now that she’s 3 years old, Zuri never passes up an opportunity to ride a horse (especially those with pink hair like the ones in Baguio). Hmm, another reason for us to visit Kinder Zoo again.

            Wall climbing and zip line are also available at Kinder Zoo, but we did not try these.

         Kinder Zoo is located inside Manila Zoo. Thus, to get to Kinder Zoo, we were also required to pay the Manila Zoo entrance fee. To get our money’s worth and also to see more animals, we roamed around Manila Zoo after exploring Kinder Zoo.

Manila Zoo

To enter Kinder Zoo, we had to enter Manila Zoo first.

         There, we saw Mali the Elephant. Aside from Mali, we also saw tigers and zebras. There is also a playground inside Manila Zoo and lots of souvenir stalls that sell stuffed animals for as low as PHP 50 each. We bought a stuffed monkey for Zuri for PHP 50.

Manila Zoo elephant

Mali the Elephant at Manila Zoo

           It was a fun-filled educational trip for our family. Although Zuri was still too young to fully appreciate the zoo, we still had a great time as a family. Now that Zuri is 3 years old, and especially after her successful visit to Ark Avilon Zoo, I feel that now is the best time to bring her back to Kinder Zoo. I’m sure she’ll be able to enjoy the zoo more now.

         Try Kinder Zoo with your kids, too, for another perfect summer trip! Let them touch a crocodile and a snake, pet a bird and a pig, carry a monkey, touch a tortoise, ride a horse and a zip line, climb a wall and cross a bridge. The pool is a very nice bonus, too! Then, see an elephant, some zebras and tigers, and enjoy the playground at Manila Zoo. 🙂

Kinder Zoo Rates:

Kinder Zoo Entrance Fee : Php 75.00 / pax

Adventure Jungle Unlimited Wall Climb & Zip Line Ride : Php 75.00 / pax


PACKAGE A – Php 100.00 / pax
includes entrance fee to Kinder Zoo PLUS One (1) Wall Climb OR One (1) Zip Line Ride

PACKAGE B – Php 125.00 / pax
includes entrance fee to Kinder Zoo PLUS One (1) Wall Climb AND One (1) Zip Line Ride

Note: During our visit, we paid the entrance fees to Manila Zoo and to Kinder Zoo. Entrance fee to Kinder Zoo was already inclusive of all the picture-taking sessions with the animals, swimming, horseback riding and crossing the hanging bridge. No additional fees required. Wall climbing and zip line, however, were not included in the entrance fee and we did not try these.

Operating Days : Everyday (including Holidays)
Operating Hours : 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Location: Manila Zoo Compound, M. Adriatico St., corner Quirino Avenue, Malate, Manila, Philippines

Map to Kinder Zoo at Manila Zoo

Kinder Zoo is located inside Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden also known as Manila Zoo.


For more information about Kinder Zoo, visit their Facebook page at

Manila Zoo Entrance Rates:

Manila residents: PHP 60 (with valid ID)
Non Residents: PHP 100

Manila Zoo Operating Hours: Everyday (including Holidays), 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

For more information about Manila Zoo, call (632) 525-8157.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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