Museo Pambata – Children’s Museum in Manila

          Museum means facts, trivia, exhibits not to be touched, silence, order, boredom… NOT! Museo Pambata revolutionizes the traditional face of a museum by providing interactive, free-to-touch exhibits for children. No stern security guard will ever reprimand your children when they play with the exhibits at Museo Pambata. In fact, children are encouraged to use their hands and imagination to learn as they play and have fun at this children’s museum in Manila.

           Museo Pambata was established in 1994 with eight theme rooms, namely Kalikasan (Environment and Under the Sea), Old Manila, Career Options, I Love My Planet Earth, My Body Works, Pamilihang Bayan (Marketplace), Global Village and Karapatan Hall (Rights of a Child).

           Inspire your kids to take care of Mother Nature by taking them to Kalikasan theme room where there is a rainforest model, a coastal area exhibit and an herbal garden.

         Time-travel with your kids to Old Manila where they will see, among others, a Spanish Galleon, a miniature cathedral, a calesa (a carriage or chariot) and an old typewriter.

          It’s never too early to expose the kids to what they might want to be in the future at Career Options. Who wants to be a writer? Or an illustrator? Visit Career Options and find out more.

            Remind your kids that taking care of Mother Earth is our responsibility. I Love My Planet Earth talks about climate change and what we can do to help.

         Are your kids curious about what goes on beyond the surface of their body? Take them to My Body Works where they will see a huge human heart model, a tunnel that resembles human intestines and other organs that make up the human body. (My Body Works is under renovation as of this time.)

          Pretend play at Pamilihang Bayan where your kids can act like fruit, vegetable, meat and rice vendors, bakers, sari-sari store (convenience store) and carinderia (eatery) owners, barbers and shoemakers.

        Expose the kids to other cultures at Global Village and teach them their rights at Karapatan Hall.

       There are many things that you and your kids can do at Museo Pambata. This children’s museum has something for kids of all ages. Zuri just turned three years old when we visited Museo Pambata, so naturally, she couldn’t absorb everything yet. But she still had lots of fun touching and climbing on the exhibits and role-playing. 🙂

Below is our experience at Museo Pambata.

          Daddy Rupert, Zuri and I trooped to Museo Pambata last year (2014) for Mother’s Day. Two of my first thoughts upon entering the museum were: 1. Thank God their air conditioner is good. AND 2. Good thing there were only a few other visitors. Zuri could easily have her turn to try the exhibits she would fancy.

The first thing that greeted us was this Spanish Galleon at Old Manila.

Museo pambata old manila galleon

Spanish Galleon at Museo Pambata Old Manila

          Then, we saw a calesa and this miniature jeepney. This jeepney is super cute, I would have loved to take it home with us. Zuri tried entering the jeepney but she wouldn’t fit! 🙂

Museo Pambata Old Manila jeepney

Miniature jeepney at Museo Pambata Old Manila


          We explored the rest of Old Manila and saw some old furniture, old typewriters and a miniature cathedral.

Museo Pambata Old Manila Silyon

This little silyon (armchair) was just the right size for Zuri. My Lola (grandmother) had a bigger version of this! 🙂

Museo Pambata Old Manila old typewriter

Being used to laptops and iPads, the old typewriter was a novelty for Zuri.

Museo Pambata Old Manila miniature cathedral

Zuri entered this miniature cathedral at Museo Pambata Old Manila.


          From Old Manila, we proceeded to Kalikasan. Kalikasan has an Under the Sea exhibit, an herbal garden and a rainforest exhibit.

Museo Pambata Kalikasan Under the Sea

Under the Sea exhibit at Museo Pambata Kalikasan theme room. Do you see Zuri the Octopus?

          Daddy Rupert and Zuri learned about the plants in the song “Bahay Kubo” with the help of one of the exhibits at Kalikasan as shown below.

Museo Pambata Kalikasan

Bahay kubo, kahit munti, ang halaman doon ay sari-sari…” This bahay kubo (small or humble hut) is one of the exhibits at Museo Pambata Kalikasan theme room.


          Next, we checked out I Love My Planet Earth. Here, Zuri enjoyed some pretend play using the appliances on display.

Museo Pambata I Love My Planet Earth 1

Zuri pretended to do the laundry at I Love My Planet Earth.

Museo Pambata I Love My Planet Earth 2

Then, Zuri pretended to cook food using these appliances.

Museo Pambata I Love My Planet Earth 3

After that, Zuri pretended to eat the food that she cooked.


          From I Love My Planet Earth, we went to Global Village and Career Options. Global Village has a considerable collection of dolls wearing costumes from different countries. Career Options features the works of writers and illustrators.

Museo Pambata Global Village 1

Doll collection at Museo Pambata Global Village

Museo Pambata Global Village 2

Doll collection at Museo Pambata Global Village

Museo Pambata Global Village 3

Doll collection at Museo Pambata Global Village

Museo Pambata Career Options 1

Zuri at Career Options.

Museo Pambata Career Options 2

Zuri and Daddy Rupert mimicked characters in children’s storybooks by trying on different costumes at Career Options.


          Next, we visited My Body Works. To enter this theme room, Zuri and Daddy Rupert climbed and walked through a giant mouth. We had fun experimenting with the interactive exhibits inside My Body Works. One of our favorites is the one that lets you hear the sound of a sneeze and a fart. So funny! Hihi. 🙂

Museo Pambata My Body Works entrance

What a fun way to enter My Body Works – through this giant mouth and into a tunnel! By the way, you can also enter My Body Works via a regular door. (My Body Works is currently under renovation.)

Museo Pambata My Body Works 1

The giant mouth at My Body Works leads to this tunnel.

Museo Pambata My Body Works 2

A huge heart at My Body Works. The human heart is amazing. It is about the size of a fist but it works non-stop, pumping blood to and from every part of the body.

          Lastly, we went to our most favorite part – Pamilihang Bayan. This is our most favorite part of Museo Pambata because it’s so much fun role-playing here.

Museo Pambata Pamilihang Bayan Barbershop

Zuri got a haircut from Daddy Rupert the Barber.

Museo Pambata Pamilihang Bayan Barbershop 2

Zuri was looking intently at her reflection in the mirror, making sure Daddy didn’t cut her hair for real. Hehe. 🙂

Museo Pambata Pamilihang Bayan Bigasan

Zuri and me at the Bigasang Bayan (Rice Store). Rice at the Bigasang Bayan is “sold” for PHP 40 -47/Kilo.

Museo Pambata Pamilihang Bayan Bigasan 2

Something seems wrong in this picture… Zuri bought a carrot from a rice store? Haha. 🙂

Museo Pambata Pamilihang Bayan meat vendor 2

Zuri bought seafood from Daddy the Meat Vendor.

Museo Pambata Pamilihang Bayan meat vendor

Sausages, shrimps, crabs, anyone? Daddy Rupert the Meat Vendor sold Zuri a piece of shrimp.

Museo Pambata Pamilihang Bayan Fruits and Vegetables Vendor

Then, it was Zuri’s turn to be the seller. Zuri pretended to be a fruit and vegetable vendor.

Museo Pambata Pamilihang Bayan bakery

Then, it was my turn to buy some bread from Zuri the Baker.

Museo Pambata Pamilihang Bayan Bakery 2

Zuri the Baker proudly showed us her products.

Museo Pambata Pamilihang Bayan Sari Sari Store

Zuri the Fruit and Vegetable Vendor and Baker turned out to be a sari-sari store owner, too.

Museo Pambata Pamilihang Bayan Sari Sari Store 2

Zuri the Sari-Sari Store (convenience store) Owner  sold us two boxes of coffee and a tube of toothpaste.

Museo Pambata Pamilihang Bayan Carinderia

After spending some time at the market, Daddy Rupert got hungry and decided to eat at the carinderia (eatery). He was surprised to see that the carinderia was also owned by Zuri the Fruit and Vegetable Vendor, Baker and Sari-Sari Store Owner.

Museo Pambata Pamilihang Bayan Carinderia 2

Zuri the Carinderia Owner was busy managing her business.

Museo Pambata Pamilihing Bayan Firetruck

As if she didn’t have so much to do already, Zuri the Fruit and Vegetable Vendor, Baker, Sari-Sari Store and Carinderia Owner was also a firewoman.

Museo Pambata Pamilihang Bayan Bahay Kubo 3

After a busy day at the market, Zuri went home to her bahay kubo.

Museo Pambata Pamilihang Bayan Bahay Kubo

Though she was tired, Zuri still did some household chores like cooking…

Museo Pambata Pamilihang Bayan Poso

…and fetching water from the poso (water pump).


          Our family had a blast at Museo Pambata! The admission fee was so worth it! Before driving home, we explored this helicopter.

Museo Pambata Helicopter

Helicopter at Museo Pambata


Museo Pambata Admission Fee (Includes entrance to all theme rooms):

Children and Adults: PHP 150/head

Museum workers and teachers – FREE

Manila residents with valid ID – FREE on Tuesdays and 50% discount on other days (not applicable for group tours)

Admission Hours:

Tuesdays – Saturdays 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, closed from 12:00 noon to 1:00 PM

Sundays 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Closed on Mondays and selected official holidays.


Roxas Boulevard cor. South Drive, Manila, Philippines

Museo Pambata map.jpg

Museo Pambata is located along Roxas Boulevard cor. South Drive, Manila.

For more information, visit

          Visit Museo Pambata this summer – where learning begins and fun never ends! Thanks for reading!:)

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