Should Kids Do Household Chores?

Do you think parents should let their kids participate in doing household chores? Here’s my take.

I believe it is important to let kids do chores. It teaches them the value of responsibility. Although we have a spare room, Zuri still sleeps in the same bedroom as Rupert and me. Because we share the same room, I tell Zuri that keeping the bedroom tidy is as much her responsibility as it is mine. It is her responsibility to pack away all toys and art materials that she uses through out the day.

Doing chores teaches children to appreciate the value of hard work. When it’s time for cleaning, I let Zuri use her toy broom to sweep our bedroom floor. One time, after sweeping our bedroom floor, Zuri told me she was really tired. She said she can’t even imagine how tired I get when I clean the whole house. Doing chores gives children a better appreciation of what their elders do to take care of them.

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Here’s Zuri sweeping our bedroom floor with her toy broom. 🙂

I also let Zuri help me with the laundry. Zuri helps me sort our dirty clothes before loading them in the washer. I allow her to press the power and start buttons on the washing machine. Zuri tells me this makes her happy because she likes helping me. When children see what they can accomplish and how much they can be of help to Mommy and Daddy, they develop self-confidence. It gives them a sense of pride and fulfillment to be able to help a grown-up do a “grown-up” job.

When it’s time to cook, Zuri likes to help me with my Sinigang. She is in charge of separating the kangkong leaves from the stalk. She also helps me cook rice. She likes to count the cups of water she pours into the rice pot. When food is ready, Zuri enjoys setting the table with me. She is in charge of the spoons and forks. Unlike packing her toys, helping out in the kitchen is not one of Zuri’s responsibilities. I don’t require her to help me with the cooking or table setting. She volunteers to help because she thinks these activities are fun.

As a parent, I know how it feels to want to keep my baby a baby forever. I know how it feels to want to give everything to my child, to want to show her how much I love her every chance I get. One language of love is service, so it is only natural that parents want to serve their children as a sign of their never-ending love. It is very tempting to do everything for our children.

However, we are not only their caretakers, we are also their teachers. It is our job to prepare them for life. They are not going to be babies forever. To be truly prepared for life, there are things that they will have to learn to do for themselves. And their training starts at home.

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