Star City For Toddlers and Young Kids

       Last January 1, 2014, Daddy Rupert, Zuri and I went to Star City to celebrate the coming of the new year. Zuri was 2.8 years old and about 36 inches tall. Zuri has always been a brave little one (much much braver than me) and she tried almost all the rides suitable for her size with no hesitation and loved them. 🙂

           Star City is an amusement park in Roxas Boulevard, Pasay, Metro Manila that caters to guests of all ages. Below are the rides and attractions in Star City that are suitable for toddlers and young children. All rides mentioned here are located indoors (with air conditioning) unless otherwise specified. Take note that children below 32 inches will only be allowed to enter Star City but will not be allowed in any of the rides.


1. Quack Quack

          Quack Quack is a revolving duck ride. It was Zuri’s first ride in Star City and her first time ever to try a ride all by herself. She loved it and wasn’t scared at all.

Star City Quack Quack Ride

This is Quack Quack, Zuri’s first ride at Star City. It was also her first ride ever unaccompanied by an adult.

To watch a video of Zuri’s Quack Quack ride, click the link:


2. Kiddie Wheel

        Kiddie Wheel is a small ferris wheel. Like Quack Quack, Zuri tried this ride all by herself. Zuri had no problem with this, but some of the other kids started crying in the middle of the ride. Kiddie Wheel may be a bit scary for some kids especially those who are sensitive to heights. The operator stopped the ride and let the crying kids get off right away.

Star City Kiddie Ride Queue

Here is a picture of Zuri waiting in line for the Kiddie Wheel ride at Star City.

Star City Kiddie Wheel Ride

Here is a picture of Zuri right before her turn to ride the Kiddie Wheel at Star City. A staff helps the kids get on and off the ride.

Star City Kiddie Wheel Ride 2

Zuri’s Kiddie Wheel ride at Star City.

To watch a video of Zuri’s Kiddie Wheel ride, click the link:



1. Rodeo

          Rodeo is a vehicle ride that goes around following a loop track. Zuri was lucky to be seated beside an older kid who was nice enough to guide her.

Star City Rodeo Ride

Zuri’s Rodeo ride at Star City

To watch a video of Zuri’s Rodeo ride, click the link:


2. Little Tykes

            Little Tykes is an area full of plastic and rubber play structures. Only kids 34 to 48 inches tall are allowed to play but adults are required to enter to supervise. Little Tykes has the usual playground structures like slides, tunnels, playhouse, etc.

          They let people in by batch and each turn lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes, after which everyone is required to exit the play area to give way to those who are next in line. Those who want to repeat may do so by queueing up again. Even then, Zuri already knew what “time is up” means. For some, it may be a bit of a problem if the child is not ready yet to exit the play area after 20 minutes of play. Be sure to prepare your child and assure him that he can have his turn again.

Star City Little Tykes

Little Tykes at Star City


1. Grand Carousel

          The Grand Carousel is a double decker that can accommodate up to 72 people at a time. It is a favorite family ride so expect the line to be long. Don’t be discouraged because, although the line is long, it is fast-moving.

Star City Grand Carousel ride

Grand Carousel at Star City

2. Wacky Worm

          Wacky Worm is a caterpillar ride. It has small drops that were thrilling enough for me but subtle enough to not scare Zuri (This says a lot about how brave Zuri is and how unbrave I am. Haha 🙂 ). 

Star City Wacky Worm ride

Wacky Worm at Star City

3. Dragon Express

          Dragon Express is a small roller coaster ride (no loops). This ride is a bit more intense compared to Wacky Worm and it might have scared Zuri a little but she didn’t make a fuss.

Star City Dragon Express Ride

Dragon Express at Star City

4. Magic Forest

          Magic Forest is a slow car train ride through a mystical forest. This ride is so tame, it’s actually a bit boring. Even Zuri was bored. Try this ride just to maximize your Ride-All-You-Can ticket but if the line is too long, it won’t be too bad to just skip it.

Star City Magic Forest ride

Magic Forest at Star City


          Peter Pan is a walk-through attraction that features Neverland characters like Peter Pan, Wendy and Captain Hook. Since this is a walk-through attraction, a crowd doesn’t build up and there was no queue at all during our visit.

Star City Peter Pan Attraction

Peter Pan at Star City

6. Time Tunnel

          Time Tunnel is another walk-through attraction that transports its visitors from the time of dinosaurs to the age of space travel.

Star City Time Tunnel Attraction

Time Tunnel at Star City

NOTE: A new attraction called Toy Chest will be opening soon at Star City. Toy Chest will feature toys (like a doll, a crayon box and a teddy bear) that are larger than kids.

Star City Toy Chest

Toy Chest at Star City


1. Red Baron

         Red Baron is an airplane ride that revolves and goes up and down. Zuri loved this ride. She rode it two times.

Star City Red Baron ride

Red Baron at Star City

2. Telecombat

          Telecombat is a space ship ride that revolves, rotates, dips and climbs. The dips are intense even for an adult. Zuri didn’t like this ride at all because the dips were too intense for her. This was the only ride we tried that really frightened her (but still not enough to make her cry).

Star City Telecombat

Telecombat at Star City

3. Giant Star Wheel

          Giant Star Wheel is a 60-meter-tall ferris wheel with 32 air-conditioned gondolas that can accommodate up to 6 people each. It offers a view of Roxas Boulevard and Manila Bay. Giant Star Wheel is located outdoors. We did not ride the Giant Star Wheel because, as brave as she is, Zuri is not a fan of heights. She stated clearly that she did not want to ride this big ferris wheel and only wanted the Kiddie Wheel.

Star City Giant Star Wheel ride

Giant Star Wheel at Star City

4. Pirate Adventure

          Pirate Adventure is a boat ride into the world of seafarers. It looked like fun but the queue was just way too long and we were already tired so we decided to skip it.

Star City Pirate Adventure Attraction

Pirate Adventure at Star City

NOTE:  Another ride in Star City is Happy Swing. It is suitable for guests 36 to 70 inches tall only. Happy Swing is a mechanical swing with safety features.

Star City Happy Swing ride

Happy Swing at Star City


Zuri did not try any of these rides because she was only 36 inches tall during our visit.

1. Kiddie Bumper Car

          The Kiddie Bumper Car is an all-time favorite for both boys and girls.

Star City Kiddie Bumper Car

Kiddie Bumper Car at Star City

2. Magic Tea Cup

          Magic Tea Cup features giant tea cups that gently spin around.

Star City Magic Tea Cup

Magic Tea Cup at Star City

3. Ball Pool

          Ball Pool is a play structure that features a huge spiral slide and a pool of balls.

Star City Ball Pool

Ball Pool at Star City


1. Snow World

          Snow World gives its visitors the chance to experience snow right here in Metro Manila. It has a giant snow slide, too. All three of us entered Snow World for an additional fee but we opted not to try the snow slide anymore because I was afraid it would be too slippery. We stayed inside for less than five minutes, I think. Try it just for the experience and to beat the heat.

          Kids 34 to 48 inches must be accompanied by a responsible mature person. Only those 44 inches and above are allowed to slide.

Star City Snow World Attraction

Snow World at Star City

2. Star Dome

            Star Dome is a new attraction in Star City that features dragons and other mythical creatures in 4D. This attraction was not existing yet during our visit. Guests 36 inches and above are allowed to enter.

Star City Star Dome Attraction

Star Dome at Star City

3. Scream Avenue

           Scream Avenue is a thrill ride on a 4D simulator vehicle suitable for guests 42 inches and above. We also have not tried this attraction yet.

Star City Scream Avenue Attraction

Scream Avenue at Star City

          As an additional treat at no additional cost, we were also able to watch a dance and storytelling show at the Aliw Theater during our visit on New Year’s Day 2014. The show was good. Filipino talent is indeed world-class.

       Star City also has rides and attractions for older kids, teens and adults, namely Bumper Car Smash, Tornado, Bumper Car Rave, Jumping Star, Bumper Boat, Blizzard, Lazer Blaster, Gabi ng Lagim and Dungeon. Also available are extreme rides, namely Star Frisbee, Viking, Star Flyer, Jungle Splash and Surf Dance.

STAR CITY RATES As of April 2015 (taken from the Star City website)

Admission Fee: PHP 65

– includes entrance inside Star City only. Doesn’t include rides.

3 Cheers Ticket: PHP 360

– Includes three rides of your choice (ride restrictions/height requirements apply). Entrance fee included.

– not included in the choices are: mid-way games, coin operated machines, Snow World, Lazer Blaster, Scream Avenue and Walk on Water.

Ride-All-You-Can (RAYC): PHP 420

– includes unlimited access to KIDDIE RIDES (Quack-Quack, Kiddie Wheel, Little Tykes, Tea Cup, Kiddie Bumper Car, Rodeo, Ball Pool), FAMILY RIDES (Grand Carousel, Happy Swing, Magic Forest Ride, Red Baron, Super TeleCombat, Dragon Express, Wacky Worm, Giant Star Wheel), OLDER KID, TEEN AND ADULT RIDES (Bumper boat, Bumper Cars 1 and 2, Jumping Star, Tornado, Blizzard), EXTREME RIDES (Star Frisbee, Surf Dance, Jungle Splash, Star Flyer, Viking Ship), ATTRACTIONS (Toy Chest (Coming Soon), Peter Pan, Time Tunnel, Pirate Adventure, Dungeon, Gabi ng Lagim). Ride restrictions/height requirements apply. Entrance fee included.

– not included are: Mid-way games, coin operated machines, Snow World, Lazer Blaster, Scream Avenue, and Walk on Water.

Snow World: PHP 150

– Unlimited same day entrance. (Ride restrictions/height requirements apply.) Entrance fee excluded.

Star Dome Heart of the Dragon: PHP 80

– Good for 1 (one) entry. (Ride restrictions/height requirements apply.) Entrance fee excluded.

Lazer Blaster: PHP 100

– Good for 1 (one) game only. (Ride restrictions/height requirements apply.) Entrance fee excluded.

Scream Avenue: PHP 120

– Good for 1 (one) film showing only.(Ride restrictions/height requirements apply.) Entrance fee excluded.

Senior Citizens are given 20% discount on Ride-All-You-Can.

Please bring any VALID identification card.



A. plus Snow World: Add PHP 100

B. plus Star Dome Heart of the Dragon: Add PHP 60

C. plus Lazer Blaster: Add PHP 60

D. plus Scream Avenue: Add PHP 60

Tickets and Ride All You Can Pop Tags are non-refundable. Ride All You Can Pop Tags are non-transferable and void if altered.


Monday to Thursday: 4:00 pm onwards

Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 2:00 pm onwards


Inside Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay, Metro Manila

Map to Star City

This map was taken from the Star City website.

Star City Park Map

Star City Park Map

         Restaurants and parking spaces are available.For more information, call the following numbers: 832-3249, 833-4484, 333-3595. Or visit their website at  All pictures in this post, except the park map and those that include Zuri, were taken from the Star City website.

          Visit Star City with your kids this summer!  Check out They offer lower rates to Star City. It is advisable to buy tickets online to skip the long lines at the ticketing counters especially during holidays.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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